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the Library of an Alcoholic Mage

Recent Entries

12/18/10 09:23 pm

This is why I try not to go out in public.

1/6/09 10:22 am

Well, now that that's all over with, maybe I'll get business again.

11/11/08 08:36 pm - This house is haunted by the living

If there's any holiday T.C. pays attention to, it's Halloween, but he still doesn't pay much attention to it. His main preparation involves making sure his front gate is secure. Kids might throw eggs through it or something, but he'll be damned if he's going to have anyone knocking on his front door.
The week before Halloween he's busy checking the security system, and inclined to forget he has an appointment with Ryan about the antiques.

9/30/08 10:16 pm - Waking up

((Set shortly after the LOL))

It's hard for Tamh to get used to the big, echoing house. What he remembers are inns, where the downstairs tends to be busy most hours of the day and night, and he can find a place by the fire and fiddle for his supper, to keep himself distracted from drinking. This kitchen tells him he's fallen back into the habit with a vengeance, and the emptiness of the house is an unwelcome surprise. Tamh only tends to shut himself away from others at his most depressed. If this is his future, it looks like a miserable one.
Only the violin can save him, and whenever Ryan visits he's playing it. It's out of a desperation to keep himself busy, alone in a world he can't quite comprehend. One night it fails to be enough, and he just knows the downstairs pantry is well stocked...

Coleburn is used to waking up with a hangover, the really bad ones happen at least once a month. It's usually comfortably in his study, because he knows himself and sees it coming, prepares for it even. He's not happy about waking up on the kitchen floor, and he definitely doesn't remember bringing the violin down here with him. When he moves, his head swims with much more than the usual nausea, weird fragmented memories floating up to the surface. There's a face in the mirror, so much older, but still not as old as he really feels. There's a braid, was that a sign of mourning? Mourning for who?
As he clutches at the memory he blacks out again.
The house is silent.

9/30/08 05:54 pm - OOC reconcile

((Because I am clearly just as forgetful as T.C., this is a post to very much belatedly say that the LOL that had T.C. turned into Tamh would have been corrected, probably within a week or less. Rey is fail.
If Ryan explained to him at all what happened, T.C. probably nodded in acceptance and refused details, then excused himself to go make up for all that time spent sober. He's... been around, in his usual antisocial way, ever since. Any questions? Poke me here. Sorry, again.))

4/20/08 02:27 pm - WTF time

T.C. generally responds to email within twenty-four hours, usually sooner. His schedule is erratic, but he keeps up with his jobs. When a day passes with no answer at all it's noteably odd. Sure, he could just be passed out drunk, but that's never stopped him more than a few hours.

He wasn't even sure of the time of day when he took a break from research to poke around the Nexus. Coleburn wandered around for an hour or so, listening to conversation, then teleported back home to get thoroughly drunk.

Tamh woke with a hangover, which is not entirely unfamiliar, but he also woke up in a room full of books and lighted boxes that go bing. The world outside is full of colored coaches without horses, going very fast. The lighted box on the desk keeps beeping insistently, and he has no idea how to make it stop. The house is empty, massive, with an abandoned feel. It seems like whoever should be here recently vanished, somehow.

2/14/08 12:35 pm - Message for Ryan

Is there a Ryan? I don't remember catching a last name. I hope you have some way to pay me. I've done research, and I've come up with some options, some more effective than others. The more effective options... carry greater risks. I'm not sure you're equipped to deal with the kind of direct attention some of this could cause, but it's also possible He won't care enough to come around.

8/9/07 02:40 pm - Contact post

Eml Inbox for T. Coleburn/Ashwind

5/15/07 10:21 am - Private eml to courtneycrumrin

I have the spellworking you requested completed, insasmuch as possible for the parameters you gave me. Some adjustments may be made if it doesn't quite suit your needs, but as it stands this should enable the enchanted item to 'record' audio and one-perspective visual for up to nearly one week without retrieval. Placing the enchantment itself takes approximately twenty minutes and demands the placement of a small symbol into whatever the object being enchanted. The placement of this symbol determines the direction of perspective for the visuals, but the symbol itself will not be visible to others. The enchantment cannot be placed on any item to small to lay the symbol on (roughly 1.5 inches square), nor will it be compatible with sentient beings. Dead items (bone, horn, etc.) are acceptable receptacles for the enchantment, as are plants.
I would prefer to meet with you in person to give you this, largely because I always distrust sending magical symbols via the internet, but if you insist upon remaining anonymous you will need to give me the chance to run home and use the scanner to send the symbol as an attachment. I will not be held responsible for whatever effect such a transaction might have on your computer monitor.


5/11/07 11:56 am - Contact post

Not taking anymore jobs for the next week or so, until I've made some progress on the current assignments. This is a contact post for those I've offered to take on research jobs for. I can be reached here or by eml, and I'm staying at someplace called the passages_inn for the time being. I have my laptop with me and by the grace of some deity or another they've arranged a room for me with net access.
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