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the Library of an Alcoholic Mage

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My name's Terrence Coleburn, and I'm an alcoholic. Trust me, I'm easier to get along with that way, even if that isn't saying much. I'm a retired mage, available for research, magical and otherwise, for the right fee. Yeah, that's right, retired.


Don't let appearances decieve you.

I'm also an amnesiac. Don't ask me about my past, and we'll get along slightly better than we might otherwise.

*Coleburn's house is a two-story brick building in a wealthier housing area in 20th-Century Manhattan. The neglected yard is surrounded by a high brick wall and a metal gate. You must use the buzzer intercom next to the gate and convince him to let you in before you may visit. The house is magically shielded, strangers may not teleport/apparate/open a gate inside the boundaries of the shield.*

((That player is much nicer than the character, really. I'll play with nearly anyone, because I am a roleplay slut. T.C. is an original character for the purpose of RP. Don't steal him, he doesn't make a good houseguest. All arts by me unless otherwise indicated. [I am also open to doing comission artwork.]))